Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are canceling the Neighborhood Caucus scheduled for March 24.  We are doing this by the order of the Utah State Democratic Central Committee and also by the advice of most public health experts.

We are sending this to a broad audience to ensure we don't miss anyone who had interest in attending.

What you need to know:

  • If you are currently a precinct officer (Chair, Vice Chair or Secretary) and are interested in continuing in your current precinct position you may continue in your position until the next caucus in 2022. Please just let us know that you're living at the same address and that you're still registered to vote.
  • If you're interested in running for precinct office or if you're interested in becoming a County Delegate for the Convention, please let us know and we'll add you to the list.
  • If you know of anyone else who would like to virtually caucus or is interested in becoming a precinct officer, please forward this email to them and/or contact Mike Keil at chair@tooeledemocrats.org.

The future of the County and State Conventions is a bit in flux right now.  Plans are to hold the State Convention April 25, but it will be in a series of remote locations to be determined.  As news breaks on this front we'll let you know.  The fate of the County Convention will be known by next weekend.  Again, we will let you know of all developments regarding these two very important events.

Lastly, please take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your neighbors who are may be vulnerable to infection.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mike Keil, Chair
Tooele County Democratic Party


Our new website will be available soon, in the meantime, please visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/tooeledemocrats for the latest information.

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