Tom Nedreberg – Utah House 68

I’m running for House District 68 because I believe in the importance of balance in our state government. We must restore open, ethical, and fair discussions that truly serve the interests of the people of Utah.

I feel the people of Utah care deeply about their families, livelihoods, and communities. Too often citizens are forgotten in the one party political system we have in our state. This must change. As your representative, I will stand up for the values that matter to us all.

A little about myself: I’ve lived in Utah for over 30 years. I was educated at Ohio State University BS in Elementary Education, New Mexico State University MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and Brigham Young University MEd in Educational Leadership. I’ve been a teacher, principal, and district administrator for the past 28 years in the Tintic School District in Eureka, Utah. I serve on the Eureka City Council and am currently the Vice President of the Utah Education Association.

As your representative I will advocate for the middle class values we all share. I will vote for a fair and equitable tax system. I will seek to balance the development of our natural resources keeping in mind the preservation of our natural beauty and working for a way to both protect and sustain those resources for future generations. Finally I feel my most important responsibility will be to develop, maintain and invest in a world-class educational system from pre-school through graduate school.

  • Advocating for a Quality Public Education System
  • Preserving Utah’s Rural Water Rights and Unique Natural Resources
  • Supporting Local Control for Local Concerns
  • Utah Educator for more than 30 years as a Teacher, Principal, and as Technology Director
  • Vice-President of the Utah Education Association
  • Eureka City Council
  • Father/Step-Father of Eight
Committee to Elect Tom Nedreberg
PO Box 291
Eureka, UT  84628