Say the magic word…

Generally when we hear the term “magic word” it is because someone is trying to convince a child to say “please”. Saturday August 6th, 2011 at the Tooele County Fair we had the privilege of hearing many people use it differently.
“Come get some free watermelon” we called. “You just said the magic word” they responded.
Truly, “free” was a magic word this weekend. The county fair was bustling with dancers, music, clowns, livestock, businesses, and other variety shows. My family and I were able to find 2 “free” games which offered candy prizes in exchange for a few minutes of listening to a sales pitch. We did enjoy the entertainment, but I admit I was slightly disappointed in the lack of presence that the magic word “free” made at this event.
The watermelon we offered must have been refreshing in more ways than one. It was refreshing in the heat, refreshing in the dehydrated soul, and refreshing in the pocketbook.
We would like to express our gratitude to the directors of the livestock show, Jeff Williams and Bob Gowans, for allowing us the privilege of serving at this event. We would also like to thank many of the Tooele Democrats for donating time, supplies, and watermelons to make this event possible. The refreshing “free watermelons” were not free to them. Thank you for “refreshing” us all and “Putting People First” once again.