Responding to Mr. Sloan

I hadn’t thought to write before our convention, but there are times when a response is necessary. Chris Sloan’s words in today’s Transcript Bulletin must be responded to. Mr. Sloan, chairman of the Tooele Republican Party and subscriber to the Tooele Democrats blog, tells the citizens of Tooele that, after answering the Transcript‘s questions about what challenges lie ahead for the party, he decided that no one else in the thousands of Republicans in Tooele county is capable of carrying the party forward for the next two years. And yet, to quote his own blog post from

According to the Tooele Transcript, we “dominate” Tooele County. Whether or not you agree with that, it’s no time to rest. After the November election “massacre”, the Democrats are already hard at work to overthrow everything that we accomplished. They were embarrassed, and are very motivated to turn the tables. It’s time to take the next step in our evolution. To that end, I announced in our January Central Committee meeting that I would not be seeking re-election to the Chair post. It’s time for new leadership, leadership that can take us to the next level. That new leadership will be elected at the Tooele County Republican Organizing Convention being held at Tooele City Hall on April 28th at 7pm.

Mr. Sloan goes on to say that the Transcript is obviously pro-Democratic in its coverage. Why? Because it printed, in one issue this past week, three articles (two from non-Transcript guests) offering opinions regarding the pending redrawing of Utah’s political boundaries. This isn’t a county issue, it’s a statewide concern. A hundred thousand Utahns signed the Fair Boundaries petition asking for their legislative leaders to employ a nonpartisan, common sense approach to this redistricting. I’d point out those words in quotes above. Those are the Transcript’s. So is “Feckless,” which they called my administration a year ago. Not kind words, not biased, not sympathetic to the Democratic party at all.

Mr. Sloan has “dominated” and “massacred” the Democrats. But his tantrum, given the Republican’s most successful election in Tooele in decades, is an embarassment to the Republicans. I call upon all Republicans in Tooele county to follow Mr. Sloan’s advice and elect new leadership before old leadership decides that new leadership will never be needed.

It’s not personal. I’m stepping down, too. But if Republicans are going to be the party of power for the next few years, they need someone with integrity representing them or they can’t be trusted with anything they say.