Remake, Restore, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On the evening of August 11th the Tooele Democrats Activities Committee got together to remake, restore, and rethink various parts of our 2011 float.
After the Tooele Parade, en route to the Grantsville Parade, a wind storm tragically blew down much of our artistic Tooele County Skyline. Additionally, we decided our float should have a more esthetically pleasing side view rather than just from behind it. We also thought it may have appeared a little cluttered.
On August 11th, we made our backdrop more aerodynamic as well as easier to see from the sides. We also removed some inconsistent career props.
On August 20th we joined in the fun at Stanbury Days and test piloted our new masterpiece. For those who weren’t too busy drinking our free water or basking in the chill and taste of our free Otter Pops, the Tooele County Democrats version of “Tooele Pride Countywide” could be seen.
As a creative interest sidenote, historic buildings featured on our float were the Tooele City Post Office, Tooele County Children’s Justice Center, the Ritz Theatre, and the Tooele Pioneer Museum. Among other things, our float was designed using blue recycle garbage bags, reused boxes, some recycled wood, old sprinkler pipe, old table decorations, and the creative abilities of Tooele County Democrats. Thanks again to all who participated.
Remember: “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”