New directions, old needs

Dear neighbors,

As I write this, I’m at a public hearing regarding the forthcoming Fair Boundaries initiative, which seeks to create an independent redistricting committee. When I ran for Senate last year, this was really the only item in my “personal agenda,” and it wasn’t to consolidate my power (if elected) but to consolidate Tooele County’s power on the state level, regardless of who we choose to be our elected leaders.

At our convention in May, we heard about this initiative and voted, as a body, to support Fair Boundaries in getting the petitions signed. From what I’ve heard, the County Republicans also have pledged their support. Currently, we expect to have petitions in hand sometime in August. I encourage everyone to visit, become familiar with the initiative, and join me in gathering signatures and support for this effort.

This convention also saw a “changing of the guard,” as we elected a new chairman, secretary, and treasurer. As an executive committee, we are grateful for our predecessors, Marianne Rutishauer-Andrus, Calleen Peshell, and Valerie Lee, for their dedication and time. As a party, we have relied on their leadership for longer than I remember and it’s time to let them have their families and interests back!

As new leadership, we are asking for your support, in time and money. The purpose of the Party is to find and help elect people who will govern our county, state, and country well, and that is something that requires everyone’s participation, not just a devoted few. Get involved: register with our website at, become aware of what’s going on in the community and how you can help out, and chime in on the debates of the day so that our leaders can know what is expected of them. This is a new day after a long, dark night in the land of the free. Let’s not sleep in—let’s get to work making the world a better place right now.

Toby Dillon