Jim & John

From John O’Donnell-

Utah Democratic State Chairman will be in Tooele on Wednesday February 8th and will be talking to local leaders concerning their thoughts and insights in the political process. Meeting with such leaders as Former Utah Legislative leaders as Reps Jim Gowens and Bev White, current Tooele County state and local leaders.

The day will cumulate with a dinner meeting between Tooele County Democratic Party Chair John O’Donnell and a line up of those seeking election to office. These will include Democratic candidates for the County Commission, George Young and Kendall Thomas, and the state legislature Dave White and Scott Totman.

Under the leadership of Jim Debakis, the democratic party is making an effort to convince members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, that the Democrat tent is wide and inclusive of those who may not have explored the party due to preconceived bias or notions. Mr. Debakis has been working diligently in welcoming comments, questions or concerns that some members of the church may have.

“It is our intention” O’Donnell said, “to ensure that our community is best represented by the Tooele Democratic Party. With the help of our state committee, we can best articulate our vision, build our future, and share our hopes with each resident of Tooele County.