Introducing Our Youth Representatives

We would like to introduce our new Youth Representatives for the Tooele Democratic Party. Each Representative’s duties will include attending monthly Central Committee Meetings, organizing Young Democrats, putting together registration packets for graduating students, helping out at various community events and service projects, and organizing a political themed essay contest.

Kylee E.

Activities: Student Teacher and Teacher’s Aid, Landscaper, Color Guard, Key Club, and Bowling.

“Why would I be interested in being a Democratic Party Youth Representative? The answer is simple, this would be an extremely beneficial program I could represent to get my foot in the door and give my life-long career a good start. I am very confident in my choice in becoming a Politician in the near future. I am young and need as much experience, help, and opportunities as I can get my hands on. I believe this to be a chance so grand I would be a fool to not do everything in my power to obtain it. I believe this to be the beginning step on my long path to becoming something and someone great. I am a hardworking, dedicated, you democrat who’s beliefs are well thought through, knowledge backed, and obtained through factual reasoning. I am very passionate about what I believe to be right and wrong. I am opinionated, loud, and argumentative; but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to reason and know all the sides of the issue. My hopes and dreams are large and will take much time to aspire to. There are no boundaries to what I hope to accomplish within my life time.”

Olivia J.

Activities: Varsity Debate, National Forensics League, Varsity Mock Trail, National Honors Society, Soccer, Key Club, MESA, Art Teacher, and Climbing Club.

“My number one motivation is my dream of one day being like those important people in our history books that have made the world a better place, addressing the public with utmost confidence that nothing to too great (or too terrible) enough to stand between liberty and the people of our nation. Former President John F. Kennedy once said, “I look forward to a great future for America–a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose.” I look to these words to remind me of the shape that I hope to help form the future into, even if starting is by putting together registration packets for graduating students. Those words inspire me to always work hard for a better future and becoming (a) Democratic Youth Representative would be a fantastic way to begin that future.”

We still need Youth Representatives from several High Schools in
Tooele County.
All interested applicants need to send a resume and a short letter (up to 500 words) indicating why they are interested in being Youth Representatives for the Tooele County Democratic Party.