ICYMI… County Meeting Updates

Update from the Commission Meeting

Tooele County commission met on June 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The Treasurer provided information to a small “audience”. Tooele citizens should take a serious look at this Recovery Plan.

The Tooele County Financial Recovery Plan – They are planning an 82% Tax increase in 2013.

Public meetings, sorry, Town Hall meetings are scheduled one the following date (as yet there is not a venue):

  • June 17th – Stansbury
  • June 19th – Tooele
  • June 25th – Grantsville

The Truth in Taxation meeting will be in August.


Just to be clear the 82% tax increase will be on your County levy.

For Example:
House appraised at $222,000.00 with a County Levy $82 will raise it to $149.24.

Update in the Tooele County Fair

The County Fair will be cancelled because the Tooele Chamber of Commerce has a shortfall in the advertising/sponsorship revenue. However, the Stock Show and the 4H Show will proceed as normal. Unfortunately, the Search and Rescue Demolition Derby is a very serious, maybe not.

That is a damper for the summer 2013.

However, Commissioner Milne really likes “audience” input.

Update from the School Board Meeting – June 4, 2013

Our roving correspondent, Matt McCarty, says the Tooele School Board has decided to hold one more budget meeting prior to June 18. Tooele County School District has posted the budget at:


and, via tweet, asked the public to review the budget document. The budget shows a $2.9 million deficit. Be sure to contact your school board member to make your recommendations to balance the budget.

“More to follow.”