Here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Dear Neighbors,

Summertime is winding down and cold fronts are ushering in a new school year. The campaigns for municipal elections will start ramping up operations as the time for campaign signs draws near. This is the time when candidates need resources, especially money and volunteers, and that’s where the Party comes in.

Election Season is coming up.

If you are waiting for a call to volunteer, consider this your call. A healthy democracy needs vigorous campaigns, whether partisan or not, and those citizens who are willing and able to serve are needed now and for the next few months leading up to the election. We also need election judges, poll workers, transportation providers and so on; there is plenty of work to do for the true patriot.

Tooele County Bipartisan Fundraiser

I am excited to announce that plans for the First Annual Craig Dillon BBQ have been finalized for Friday, September 25th, 2009. When I was elected party chair at our convention in April, I said that I wanted to bridge the partisan gap with our Republican neighbors and return civility and neighborly love to the political process – at least in Tooele, where so many of us depend on each other. I love a hot political debate over healthcare as much as anyone, but I love my neighbors more. This bipartisan fundraiser will bring the Tooele Republican Party and Tooele County Democratic Party together in an unprecedented show of neighborly love and appreciation, as well as give our local candidates a single forum where they can speak (briefly) to all of the political “movers and shakers” in the county.

The Republican contribution to this fundraiser is significant: they are covering the entire financial cost of setting this up. The Democratic contribution is no less important: we will be the ones with our feet on the ground – at least a half-dozen volunteers to help set up booths, chairs, tables, and take tickets. We’d also like decorations (the ones we had at the convention were great!) Most importantly, we need to fill these seats – so your participation in one form or another is greatly appreciated. Details will be posted to the website at as well as emailed to you shortly.

Fair Boundaries Initiative

Another volunteer opportunity exists in the form of collecting signatures for the Fair Boundaries Initiative. As of today, those petitions are ready to be distributed. As a Party, we have pledged our support for this measure and we will need every district covered. Organization is critical, and that’s why we have precincts and precinct chairs to make sure that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to voice their support for this effort.

A brighter future for everyone depends on the efforts of those willing to volunteer their time and energy to good causes. As your Democratic Party Leadership, we encourage you to join in these efforts to bring new life into our communities. For those with a willing heart, here’s your sign: VOLUNTEERS WANTED.

To volunteer for any of these outstanding causes or to get more information, email


Toby Dillon