Hear the news! Spread the word!

“REPRESENT ME UTAH”  will be staging an event prior to the Tooele Hearings on the 21st of June.

PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS, SPREAD THE WORD………This is an important event for our county, our representation, our future.

Do not let what happened ten years ago, occur again. If reports are right, Tooele County was not treated fairly in the 2001 Redistricting.  Then it is even more important now.

The 21st  of June is the time to take a firm stand on the issue of “FAIR REPRESENTATION” for all of  Tooele County. We deserve better.

The TEA PARTY founded its name based on the “original” TEA PARTY during which the notion of “No taxation without  representation” was based. This battle cry is now as timely for all of us. HERE. NOW as fellow Tooele citizens,  as common hard working people we stand united on a platform that serves all, irrespective of party affiliation.

Join me. And be part of the future of our county.

John O’Donnell, Chair
Tooele County Democratic Party