Happy Birthday Bev!

Beverly White, 85, has been a lifelong democrat and a Tooele resident since she was about 14 years old. She has provided years of service on both a state and county level. She is still active in the Tooele Democratic Party and has been a mentor to many of the candidates who have run in the recent elections.

In 1970 she was asked by the governor to represent Tooele County for a year after Chilean Halladay died before his term was completed. She accepted and subsequently ran in her first election in 1971. She ended up being elected to the seat 10 times. During her time in office she is most proud of the work she did on legislation involving women and children including the Displaced Homemakers Act. This act helped women who had been working in the home get an education and prepare for the workplace. In 1984 she was hired to set up community service programs for the Adult Probation & Parole office where she worked until her retirement in 2005. During that time 289,124 hours of community service were completed.

We have all been impacted by her life of services!