Gone but not forgotten…

This morning we woke up early to support you in our local Tooele and Grantsville Cemeteries. Perhaps we arrived at little too early; we had to move the snow before helping to clean off the tombstones. One may think that the snow would have cleaned the tombstones enough, but hidden beneath the snow we found much work still to be done. We carved out overgrown grass, polished out lime stained pictures and names, and soaked our knees in the grass helping those whose knees would no longer allow them to perform this service for their loved ones.

Those of us who attended the Tooele Cemetery were privileged to attend the dedication ceremony of a new podium near the flag pole. We sang the National Anthem and God Bless America, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and heard other speeches and songs written to honor the fallen heroes of this great nation.

May we all remember those who have walked before us and may we live to carry on their legacies!

For those who were able to come help out, thank you again.