George Young – Tooele County Commission

Neighbors and Friends:

As a life-long resident of Tooele County, it is with great respect and honor that I offer my services to the community of Tooele as a full-time County Commissioner.

I will use my experience and knowledge in partnership with the residents of Tooele County and commit to support:

  • An educated and well-rounded workforce
  • A healthy and diverse community
  • Preserving the pristine quality of life in our County
  • I know this should be accomplished through:
  • Community support of our schools and higher education facilities
  • Providing an infrastructure for employers to choose Tooele County as a place of business
  • Open and honest government, with accountability for each action performed for the citizens without the diversion of political labels

I hope you’ll join me.

About George

The crowning achievements in my life are my children and my marriage of 30 years. Dallin, Spencer, Riki, her husband Neal, and my beautiful wife Gillian have always supported me in my adventures. My commitment to my neighbors and my community has always been one of my top priorities.

After returning from Vietnam at age 20, without much fanfare, I struck out to find my place in this community that I love so dearly. My work and philanthropic endeavors in and out of the county have been a stepping stone to my dream of serving as Tooele County Commissioner.

My work as a vice-president at a large electrical business in Utah has given me the opportunity to become well versed in fiscal responsibility. In the competitive business market of this prolonged recession, I have had the privilege to provide growth opportunities to Hunt Electric and grow the company from the 6 employees we started with, to the current 250 people who now rely on the company for their livelihood. I know the value of long hours and personal sacrifice. Some of my team’s finest projects include high end developments in Park City, the airport parking structure, the City Creek Development in downtown Salt Lake, EBAY, I-80, I-15 in Ogden and many more.

In my world, community activism is the foundation of fiscal responsibility. I have served in many volunteer roles to ensure that my family has had access to essential services. In the North Tooele County Fire District I served as the Assistant District Fire Chief as well as a first-responder, EMT, EMT instructor and Station Chief for the Stansbury/Erda Fire Station. During my time on the Erda Planning Commission, the realization that volunteering is the only way our smaller communities can function became even stronger.

My devotion to my church and family has deepened my convictions in community activism and the support which they have provided has nurtured my fervor in the volunteer spirit.

Time to ACT

 ACT is my vision and I believe it is the essence of working for the citizens of Tooele County as a commissioner:


It is defined as “answerability“. Everyone in county government must be accountable to the citizens for the money spent on their behalf, the best employees hired on their behalf, and the land use decisions made on their behalf. Because, acting on behalf of the citizenry, they must have input and I must share my experience and knowledge. Through this process, accountability and “buy-in” can be achieved.


It is defined as “All the people living in a particular area or place.” County government is responsible for the wellness of a community. I believe that wellness is not only restricted to health, but to fiscal, environmental, employment, education and economic growth. These are not mutually exclusive but are contingent upon each other. If you have the infrastructure for employment and education, the result will be economic growth and fiscal prosperity.


It is defined as clarity and plainness. I am sometimes teased on the plainness of my speech; however clarity is an essential part in communicating. Communicating with employees and volunteers who have many diverse experiences is a refined skill. It is an exercise in both active listening as well as speaking and it should be without prejudice, partisanship, or agendas.

As commissioner I will be open and forthright, honest and accountable in all my doings for the county.

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