From the Donkey’s Mouth

By David L. Swan

If you think that a “blog” is something from a 1950’s horror movie, or a “tweet” is something a house finch does to get you to fill the backyard feeder, this is article is for you. Technology moves fast and with it so does information.

Like our Republican colleagues, we have websites, facebook pages, blogs, you name it. But the fact that you are reading the Transcript/Bulletin suggests you remember when there was a Transcript and a Bulletin and you set aside time every Tuesday and Thursday night to read the community newspaper.

We hear you, and if you are reading this, we want you to know that what you think matters. People who read the local paper are the most consistent and best informed voters and we want to let you know a little of what we are thinking and what we have to offer our community, our state and our republic. We hope to make this a regular feature of the newspaper. But let me say in full disclosure, that the author is not a journalist. Unlike Fox News, I will make my bias public. I have been asked by the Tooele County Democratic Party to write a regular monthly article. I am an advocate for the principles of the Tooele Democratic Party.

And what are those principles?

Democrats believe in a strong sense of community. The strength of our community depends on the strength of the infrastructure our community depends upon. Education, roads, services for the elderly and disabled, clean water, air, and all the other things that improve our quality of life. We know that what the government provides requires revenue. Democrats seek to ensure that everyone pays their fair share and that there is some consideration based upon one’s ability to pay.

We know the importance of a strong and healthy private sector economy and understand the role government plays in providing the infrastructure that allows the private sector to succeed. Having a first rate transportation system that gets goods to market and an education system that provides the human capital necessary for economic growth are two important considerations Democrats consider in public policy. We understand that tax policy is but one influence on the private sector and deem the idea that cutting taxes as a panacea for all economic woes is impractical and irresponsible. All tax cut proposals should include with them corresponding spending cuts. This concept is an idea we have yet to see from our Republican colleagues.

Basically, Democrats believe in common sense government policies, not in ideologically or politically driven provisions based more on dogma and sound bites than on facts. Our society takes for granted many of the things Democratic pioneers of the past have implemented. During this last great recession, where would our country have gone without federal deposit insurance? What kind of squalid poverty would some of our senior citizens live in today without the forethought of social security and medicare? Without the clean air act, would our inversions seem worse or better? Without the endangered species act, would we still have our national symbol, the bald eagle, soaring over our lakes and streams?

We Democrats have a proud heritage, and we vow to continue to fight for the things that make our nation and our communities great. We commit to you, that we will communicate what we are doing, and invite you to join us and share with us your concerns. For those of you who are wired into the world of “tweets” and “status updates”, we will be there too. But if you are like me, and find time every Tuesday and Thursday evening to go from the front page, to the obituaries and finally to the opinion section, we’ll be there for you. We want to let you know what issues Democrats are concerned about and we hope you will let us know what you think.