Election season

It is official Fall, and the leaves are changing. All around town the colors of Fall are showing up: red, white, and blue campaign signs cover fences and yards all up and down US 36.

First, a note from Tooele City Hall:

I visited City Hall this morning and spoke with the Tooele City code enforcement officer, Tim Fullmer, whose job it is to remove campaign signs from illegal areas, about where our campaigns can put signs. Most candidates are aware, but perhaps their volunteers are not, that it is illegal to put campaign signs in Tooele city parking strips (that’s the area between the sidewalk and the road) as it is public property. There are also a handful of city-owned fields (across from the armory, at the corner of Main street and 700 S, and of course, public parks, where signs are not allowed.

Mayor Dunlavy has asked Tim to be “relaxed” in his enforcement during campaign season, but as responsible citizens, we should be aware of where we can put up signs and self-police. If the city pulls them up, Tim stores the signs at city hall. He doesn’t make much of an effort to see whose sign it is, so asking is bound to produce a “come and see” response. For today, I’ve picked up all of our candidate’s signs.

Where’s the Party?

As we kick into high gear for the final month of the campaign, some people are asking, “What is the Party doing to help?” I interpret this as “how can I help?” and my response is: contact our local candidates and volunteer. Donate your time and money. The role of the Party at this stage is to provide volunteers and donations, to get our candidates elected. My role as Party chairman is to put the call out to all those who consider themselves Democrats: come and help! Old or young, rich or poor, just calling yourself a Democrat does not help win elections: come and help!

Donate your money to the Party or the campaigns. We’re putting all of our available funds into campaigns. Contact our candidates (click on the link above titled “2010 Candidates” for contact information) and ask them how you can best help them.

Toby Dillon