Caucuses and Candidates

March is upon us, and that means caucuses and candidate filings. For Tooele County Democrats, this is an opportunity to renew the party from the ground up: electing precinct leaders and county delegates is the foundation for everything we do, and essential to the success of our party and party-sponsored candidates. It is at this level that one voice makes all the difference. I’m Party Chair today because I went to my precinct caucus eight years ago.

This year, we are following on the success of the past and having our precincts meet in a few designated areas rather than try to manage multiple house parties. The advantage of meeting in larger groups in a more rural area like ours is that people who otherwise wouldn’t see anyone else at their precinct meeting will be able to meet and mingle with other Democrats. As Party Chair, I plan to visit the various caucuses along the US 36 corridor personally, to try and greet as many of our citizens as I can. This is a time for coming together and supporting our county and state candidates.

Conventional wisdom holds that mid-term elections have been bad for the party in power. On a national level, this may hold true, but locally, we believe that we still have the best candidates and the county’s best interests on our side. Now is the time for the party to rally behind them and get them elected.