Busted! Tooele County Democrats Care!

“Joaquin” writes:

Here’s my biggest problem with the Democrat logic.

You want to make it sound as if it’s such a dire emergency if some government workers lose their job due to the economy which let me remind you has not improved thanks to our federal government which has been ran in the past 4 years by Democrats in the white house and the senate.

Raising taxes it’s usually the only solution democrats offer to any problem instead of running a tight budget and not one where we spend money we don’t have on the projection that the economy will improve and bring more revenue… Fiscal restraint and frugality should always be foundation of any government and it never is, governments almost alway spend beyond their means.

Once property tax increases are approved they will not be rescinded if the economy improves and they will later be squandered and wasted. The laying off of government workers does not give a sense of petty, many friends, family and coworkers in the private sector have lost their jobs as well and it’s just a consequence of government intervention into the private market.

Recently we received a comment from “Joaquin,” who seemed to criticize Tooele County Democrats for being concerned about Tooele County employees losing their jobs and for recommending a tax increase to solve the county’s budget woes. He went on to state that a government should focus on being responsible and frugal with taxpayer funds.

Well, Joaquin, it’s true that Tooele County Democrats are concerned for county employees who lost their jobs. In fact, we are concerned when anyone loses employment. Unemployed workers would rather support themselves but instead are at risk of having to use taxpayer funded services such as Medicaid and SNAP (formerly Food Stamps). If they lose their homes due to foreclosure, the result is a decline in home values—which negatively impacts the whole community. So, yes, Tooele County Democrats are concerned about the loss of county jobs.

With regard to the increase in county property taxes and the poor state of the county budget, we ask Joaquin to consider these facts:

  • The County Commission has responsibility for the county budget and the Tooele County Commission has been completely controlled by Republicans since 2006.
  • Data presented in the May 14, 2013 County Commission meeting showed that mitigation fees from Energy Solutions dropped from a high of $12 million in 2005 to $3 million in 2008, leveled off for three years and then decreased again in 2011 and 2012.
  • Between 2009 and 2012 Deseret Peak Complex lost between $1.5 million and $2.1 million each year for a cumulative loss of $6.25 million.

Instead of taking positive action to bring the county budget under control, the commission depleted the $14 million rainy day fund and supported the Deseret Peak Complex with restricted funds which were intended to pay for road maintenance and other county infrastructure.

The Tooele County Democratic Party agrees that sound fiscal management is the first responsibility of any government entity. We recommend that Joaquin submit his criticisms to the body that actually made these budget decisions.