A message from our chair . . .

I ask that you take the moment to reflect on those things that you hold dear to you. Honesty, trust and pride are always on folk’s lists. The Democratic Party has always been the voice of those who, earn an honest living, taking care for those behind us, and ensure the safety of those before us. Democrats have always taken pride in them selves, the party and our country.

Democrats bring voice to conversations of reason. With plain talk we have spoken of our social commitment made to our senior citizens in the form of social security being there for them. We are strong in our stand not to change that commitment. Further, we believe that every American should have appropriate and adequate healthcare available to them. And, certainly that Medicare and Medicare that we have molded to be sure that our citizens do not have 3rd world county health service delivery.

We believe that we need to take care of our environment and be sure that we have safe air to breath and food to eat. We believe that federal regulation is required to keep all of us safe. Be it mining inspections, monitoring off shore oil drilling to keep our miners and shores safe. We believe in the humanity of all with respect to immigration and ensuring a pathway to citizenship for those who have been within the USA and are part of the productive patchwork of our labor force.

In Tooele, we need to be sensitive to the needs of those who have no voice, no power and no money in influence governmental operations. We pledge to be at the ready to assist those in need and wish to have voice in the conversation that makes this country strong. We believe in the strength and have passion for our county and of the hard working families that are its fabric.

Help the Tooele Democratic Party! Come join us in our ponderence of the times. The search to answers to questions from those with little clout but who deserve an answer. Come join us as we explore ways to make things continually better through effective, open and compassionate governance. Join us as we promote our elected officials to open its meetings to the public that allows for a critical review of decision making that is the right of each and every citizen. Lets open our minds to great things. Lets open our eyes to a new vision and lets open the doors of our elected offices of Tooele County.

Our immediate goals for the next quarter:

  1. Actions that will ensure UT HB 116 remain intact. Utah County Republican Party voted at their recent convention to repeal this UT bill that allows families to remain intact. Our officials think it is the right thing, the Utah Compact thinks that it is the right thing, and the LDS Church has endorsed HB116 as the human and right thing to do.
  2. Lets pressure republicans in congress to stop taxpayer subsidies for the Oil Companies that are now reporting excessive profits on the backs of Americans.
  3. Lets raise the volume of the cry. STOP JOBS LEAVING AMERICA. And Tooele citizens save the gas money and shop here in Tooele. Support our local businesses, close to home. BUY AMERICAN

If you support these things; if you are concerned over the future? JOIN the discussion. Come to a meeting and let’s be heard.

John J. O’Donnell
Chair, Tooele County Democrats