2012 State of the Union

From John O’Donnell –

[quote]What a pleasure it was to sit with members of the Tooele Democratic Party, friends and neighbors – to listen to our President and the State of the Nation Address. He is a centered person who speaks plainly, clearly and with compassion. I was impressed at his call to all Americans to work together to make our country a better, stronger, and safer place to be. His courage that brought Osama to justice, his courageousness to say no to those who plundered millions of Americans of their savings, and gut the financial system with their outlandish greed. Lastly, his challenge to bring lawmakers together and fix a broken political system.

Tonight, the outstanding democratic candidates for Tooele County’s next election spoke of their commitment, firm in the belief, “putting people first”

I am so looking forward to hear more of what they have to say throughout these upcoming county campaigns! Thanks to all who came, listened, thought, and expressed their views of our community, our state and our nation. God Bless America[/quote]

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