The Tooele County Democratic Neighborhood Caucus Meetings are Tuesday, March 18 at 7pm.  Pre-register now to get updates on the upcoming 2014 neighborhood caucus meetings, and to give us a better idea who’s coming!  If you would like to receive reminders via telephone, please leave your phone number in the comments.

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Where are the 2014 Neighborhood Caucus meetings?

Stansbury Park Clubhouse

  • Erda
  • Grantsville
  • Ibapah
  • Lake Point
  • Stansbury Park
  • Wendover

Tooele – TATC

  • Lincoln
  • Pine Canyon
  • Tooele

Stockton – Fire House

  • Stockton
  • Terra
  • Dugway
  • Vernon
  • Rush Valley
  • Ophir


What are Neighborhood Caucus meetings?

A Neighborhood Caucus meeting is a local gathering of Democrats to elect new Precinct Officers and Delegates to the Democratic Party.

What is a Precinct Officer?

Precinct Officers are the grassroots organizers in the Democratic Party. Each precinct has an opening for a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Together, Precinct Officers work to organize their neighborhoods. The County Party provides training and tools to help you organize your neighborhood along the way so you always have support. Precinct Chairs and Vice-Chairs also serve on the County Party Central Committee, which is the governing body of the County Party between conventions.

What is a Delegate?

Delegates constitute the governing body of the Democratic Party at conventions. Delegates select the Democratic nominee for any partisan office and elect Democratic Party leadership.

Why should I attend my Neighborhood Caucus meeting?

Whether it’s to become a Precinct Officer or Delegate, learn about what the Democratic Party is doing in your area, or getting to know your Democratic neighbors, you should attend your Neighborhood Caucus meeting to get involved in the Democratic Party.