Get Involved!

At the County Commision meeting, they stated that there are several openings to serve on county wide committees. I have listed them below.

Recreation Special Service Districts – 5 postions
Tourism Tax Advisory Board – 2 postions
Trail Committee – 4 Postions
Weed Control Board – 5 postion

If anyone is interested in serving on one of these committiees they need to send an e-mail to Marilyn Gillette at The Commissioners would like to fill the vacancies by next meeting. The next meeting is 16 April, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

2013 Organizing Convention

Notice is hereby given that the County Organizing Convention of the Democratic Party for Tooele County will be held at the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce Building in Tooele, Utah at 7 o’clock PM on Thursday, the 18th day of April, 2013.

At this convention, a County Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer to serve for the ensuing two years will be chosen and other party affairs may be considered. Delegates to this County Organizing Convention shall be the same persons who were seated as delegates to the Tooele County Primary Convention which was held last year and have not died, resigned or been disqualified, as well as any others officially appointed.

A Central Committee Meeting will be held one hour prior to the Organizing Convention at the same location as the Convention.

Everyone is invited to attend, we hope to see you there!

A New Year.

As a new year begins, we should all reflect on our past accomplishments, and recommit to the goals and aspirations as we enter 2013. We have seen remarkable changes over this past year and we all should envision those things to come. Take a moment to think of all the work we dedicated ourselves to. The signs on the roadways, the phone calls and newspaper ads. The door knocking, and wearing the soles off our shoes as we walked into to the neighborhoods. We take that moment and then wink as we anticipate the challenges ahead for our community, our state and our nation.

National challenges relating to our growth and economy are right in front of us. I am however, confident that our President will continue to work on our behalf as he engages a congress who needs to move us into the future, as opposed to ensuring the President simply not get things done! President Obama will continue to reach out to chart a course that will bring our country into the future.

Our state has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens as we face environmental imperatives. We each have a right to live in a healthy state free from exploitation of our land, capacity to breathe clean air and monitor the food supply to be contamination free.

Then lastly, Tooele County as the elected leaders who promised no new taxes should be held accountable to that pledge. That the citizens of 2013 are not held hostage to the poor budget planning of prior years. I acknowledge that the term used in 2012 by the county Republican Party, was the term “Demolition.” I am sure that the term was used with respect to the 2012 elections. However, the only real “Demolition” that occurred in 2012 was on real people, real jobs, real programs that were demolished due to the republican led County Commission’s poor budget planning of the past several years.

The Tooele County Democratic Party will work as hard as ever with the leadership of the county in we face the challenge, seek out new methodologies, determine potential revenue streams all to the benefit our the citizens of the county in 2013.

Thanks for taking the time to read! With great respect, John O’Donnell

December’s Meeting!

We’re going to postpone our December meeting. This month is always so hectic, we thought we’d have another night with our families.

BUT, see you on January 8th fully-rested, fired up and ready to go!

Vote! November 6!

“In these tense and anxious weeks, I know that every American citizen wants to know what he can do for his country. Not everyone can serve in our armed forces or serve our government, but there is one thing you can do, there is one way you can indicate your devotion to freedom. There is one way in which we can show how strongly we believe in our democracy. Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, is Election Day. I hope every American will turn out and vote — every American, every member of his family — and show the world how strongly we believe in freedom, how strongly we believe in our country, how strongly we believe in democracy.”  President John F. Kennedy